Boston Beanery (Pines)

By Candace Nelson - 8:00 AM

Boston Beanery - Pines
Boston Beanery - PinesBoston Beanery recently opened their third location in Morgantown - the Pines Country Club on Point Marion Road. They have another downtown and one on Evansdale, as well as Grafton, Beckley, Virginia and Pennsylvania.
Boston Beanery - PinesBoston Beanery - PinesBoston Beanery - Pines

The Pines Country Club is a private golf course. And there are a few signs confirming that as you turn onto their road. However, Boston Beanery is public, so don't be discouraged if you're craving some and on that side of town. When you get to the top of the road, there are multiple signs pointing that the Boston Beanery is inside, but it's actually all the way to the right. The outside says "dining," but not huge sign stating you're there. Don't worry - it's easy to find.

It has odd hours - only open til 3 p.m. most days, so check before you head that way. Inside is just one open dining room, but you can see for a few miles, as it sits atop the hillside. It's not a bad view. There was not a soul in there when we went. After a quick look at the menu, I ordered the whaler sandwich - fried fish, bun, tartar sauce. With a side of fries and ranch.

Boston Beanery - Pines
Our food was out very quickly, and it was good. Greasy, fried, but it was what I was looking for. The staff was bored so they were kind of sitting around and joking. But our server kept our drinks full, and I left pleased. Same menu as the other locations. Decent food. Culinary masterminds? Not so much. Good for a quick sammich? Indeed

Grade: B
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