Charleston Edition: The Cold Spot

By Candace Nelson - 2:30 PM

Cold SpotI've been to The Cold Spot in Glen Jean. Twice, actually. My opinion of the place had risen since my first visit as I had the chance to meet the owner on my second visit to that location. I, again, went with photographer Tom Hindman, who knows everyone. The owner genuinely cared about our meal - though there were no worries - it was great.

So I visited the Charleston location recently with my friend Carl. You know those nights when you kind of just want to "bro" out and have some beer and wings?

Cold SpotYeah, that.

When we got here, I'm not going to lie - I was a little confused about the layout. It is sprawling in non-linear way. Maybe it's just the way they section it off. Didn't matter - Carl knew his way around and we made our way to the bar. First-class service was executed all night - maybe because he had been here a time or 3,000 before - but the woman behind the bar was fantastic. Got us a pitcher of beer as soon as we sat down. Friendly, on top of her game. Give her a raise. It'd help if I remembered her name.


Cold Spot
Cold SpotI ordered 12 boneless sweet BBQ wings. They were pretty busy that night, but when we got our wings, they were piping hot. In typical fashion, I had been starving so I actually got filled up pretty quickly. But that's not to the discredit of the wings.

Cold SpotThey're good.

Crispy on the outside, covered in a sweet and tangy sauce, the wings are general crowd pleasers, I'm sure.

I didn't even have ranch or bleu cheese. I think I just forgot about it. But I think that speaks to the quality of the wings.

Grade: A
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