Morgantown Edition: RJ's Grill & More - Homemade and Beyond

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

RJ'sI've been on a quest lately to knock off some of those restaurants I've had on my list for quite a while. They're often ones I've heard about, but they're on the outskirts of town or they are those "bar & grills" that are heavier on the bar side than the grill side. Or, I just don't know much about them.

RJ'sRJ's Grill & More - Homemade and Beyond is located on Dunkard Avenue in Westover. I don't traditionally have the best luck with Westover restaurants, but I wanted to give this place a try. So, I headed over there for lunch.

RJ'sLodged next to an asbestos removal company and across the way from a secondhand Subaru lot, the restaurant is definitely in a part of town that I don't see often. The space used to be a former hot spot, I think, and the smell of smoke still overcomes the tiny place. The walls are adorned with chalkboard pain and the menu, which is pretty expansive.

RJ'sThe menu has really great sounding items like the "Goldened Blue Burger," which is topped with a Portabella mushroom in a blueberry bacon cream, provolone & pepper slaw. Or there's the "Colonel Mustard" sandwich, which is turkey smothered in spicy mustard butter topped with barrel slaw and onions petals on rye.

RJ'sI learned the owner previously the Rusted Musket, but he grew tired of the college kid crowd and sold the business. Now, he's catering to the Westover crowd and has seen some decent business due to delivery via OrderUp. He suggested the open face chicken sandwich, which was on special. I was gravitating toward that Goldened Blue Burger, but he said he hadn't currently made that and he only does so every four days. Instead, he suggested the Blue on Black (which isn't on the paper menu), which had cajun seasoning, mushrooms and bleu cheese. Got that with a side of potato salad.

RJ'sThere are maybe 10 or so seats inside - half along the front bar area and half in front of the window. A large TV up in the corner was playing Law & Order. It's cramped, a bit dark and has some questionable area visitors, but the food wasn't bad. Points for some creativity on the menu, but the execution was pretty average, I think.

RJ'sThe burger wasn't especially thick or juicy, but it was fine, and the bun was better than most places. The potato salad had some kick to it that I'm still feeling the residual effects from. The owner. who was friendly, in a rough-around-the-edges sort of way, didn't skimp on the cheese - which I like. The area is a little less than ideal. Overall: Average. But, would I go out of my way to come back? Nah. If I were in the area? Maybe.

Grade: C
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