Friday, January 8, 2010

We got spaghetti ... and blankets.

Mitch Hedberg is on Comedy Central tonight. I almost forgot how much I absolutely adore him. I really need to catch up on my comedians. I couldn't stop laughing.

Unfortunately, there was a female comedian on right after him, and she just ruined it. I really wish there was a halfway decent female comedian. It hurts me that there isn't. Then again, Chelsea Lately is HILARIOUS. I just wish she did more stand-up. She could make a name for women.

Also, the president of the university send me a happy belated birthday e-mail. Shocked? Certainly. How did he even know out of 30,000 students? I'm quite impressed. That will be a saved e-mail.


  1. LOVE Mitch. Wish he was still around. He was a very unique talent.

  2. He is amazing. I have tried other comedians, and nobody can make me laugh like him.