Princeton Edition: Sister's Coffee House & Burger Boy

By Candace Nelson - 10:26 PM

Instead of trying the chain restaurants in Princeton, we opted for two native to the town: Sister's Coffee House and Burger Boy.

Sister's Coffee House
This gem of a restaurant is hidden off the main stretch of town in a large purple and brick house. Once you step foot inside, it is completely eclectic and unique, with local art adorning the walls, mismatched chairs, different colored placements and knick-knacks at every corner. When we went to the front, there was a counter with freshly baked goodies and a menu written in chalk on the wall. I ordered a philly cheesesteak sandwich with a salad. I also ordered a coke, but they don't serve pop. Instead, Chris and I both got lemonades - a fantastic decision.

I'd be confident saying this is the best meal I've received in Princeton. My sandwich had tender meat, grilled onions and green peppers all on a buttery warm croissant role. The sandwich wasn't huge, so I wasn't weighed down. I was very pleasantly full. The side salad was fantastic, with crisp greens and juicy tomatoes. Our lemonade had the best blend of sweet and tart, but refreshing, satisfying and thirst-quenching. We also received a small pitcher to pour our own refills. Because our meal was amazing, we ordered dessert here, too. We got a coconut bon-bon, which was coconut dipped in chocolate. Pretty good if coconut is your thing. We also had a brownie sundae. With fresh-baked chocolate brownies, a couple scoops of vanilla ice cream drizzled in chocolate syrup and caramel, this meal was to die for.

Grade: A
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Burger Boy
I should have listened to Chris when he said not to try Burger Boy. Before even ordering, we were approached by an elderly woman who complimented my hair for a solid minute, then began saying Chris and I were a very good-looking couple. Then, she asked for $10. That was our sign. When we got to the counter, I ordered what I thought may be their special "big boy burger," along with a side of cheese and potato bites. Chris got a 20-piece chicken nugget meal with a side of french fries. The atmosphere left much to be desired, and the food was mediocre. I think my time was spoiled after the initial incident, but excellent food could have made a comeback. I only had a couple cheese and potato bites, and though they were OK, there simply weren't enough for the money. The burger was slightly dry, and bland. I found out halfway through there was ketchup on it, but you could've fooled me. Chris' nuggets weren't bad - especially if you don't mind Kroger ones that have been deep-fried.

Grade: D
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  1. Burger Boy. Ugh. Just trust me the next time I say something is a skeezy redneck hangout. There's a reason I went there once 10 years ago and decided to never go back.

    Sister's Coffee House, on the other hand, that might become my new place to hang out... If I can ever get out of bed early enough to hang out somewhere...

  2. Skeezy redneck hangout? Wow. How nice. You get what you pay for, and I don't think this it a fair review.

  3. That's unfortunate you don't think it's a fair review.

  4. I'm sorry that you had a bad experience. Most of the people working there are friendly. Not too sure who the "begger" woman was, but what a downer to start your meal experience. The atmosphere is mostly an older person's hangout of the mornings, old men with their morning coffee and newpaper coming for their regular meal.
    The food is usually really good and they do cook it as you order so it doesn't sit under heat lamps. I've never had the chicken nuggets so I can't comment on those, but you should go back and try the Big Jim platter.

  5. I admit that experience with the woman didn't do the review any favors. I love older people hangouts. I'm an old person at heart, and the coffee/newspaper combo is right up my alley.

    I think I'll take your suggestion and try it again. Whenever that happens, I'll get the Big Jim platter and let you know how it goes =]

    Thanks for your comment!


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