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By Candace Nelson - 4:00 PM

Though this restaurant is not a new one, it is one of my favorites. If not my very favorite. It'd be a close call between Pizza Al's and my hometown DiCarlo's Pizza. One of my co-workers brought up the fact that he had never had Pizza Al's before. I was shocked. Beyond shocked. I lived in Pierpont my freshman year at WVU, and Pizza Al's is basically next door. My roommates at the time and I tried Pizza Al's, and I've been hooked every since. Unfortunately, Pizza Al's doesn't deliver so that makes it difficult. In addition, the dining area is tiny and the parking spots aren't easy to get to. However, the pizza is so good that it doesn't stop most people.

Their menu is short, but that's because their specialty is pizza, and that's what you should get when you go there.

Long story short, we decided to order pizza for lunch. One of my other co-workers picked it up. They ordered the largest size, at only $13.25, with pepperoni and sausage. This is never a combination I would order for myself since meat really isn't my thing, but I wasn't going to turn down a Pizza Al's opportunity.

Before I go on, I think everyone needs to know this is true, authentic Italian pizza. Thin crust, tons of oozing cheese and a sauce that could beat out your mother's traditional recipe. Al is old-school, and they make the pizzas right there behind the counter. You can see your pizza come out of the huge over, be placed in a giant box and have Al send you off. These pies are perfect, and don't tell Al you need Parmesan cheese. Because you don't, and he'll let you know.

The pepperoni and sausage combo was surprising good. I guess I shouldn't be surprised since I've never not been happy with a pizza from this place, but it was very good! It has a lot less grease compared to other places, and the sauce and cheese is unlike any I've had at another place. I've been to Italy, and this pizza could fit in perfectly.

Grade: A
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