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By Candace Nelson - 12:33 PM

Remember my post about Nonna's Italian Kitchen? Well, last month, the student newspaper at Concord decided to do their own review of it. Then, that same student submitted it to the Princeton Times. Oh, and they used my iPhone photo of the place. I'm happy The Concordian credited me - thanks!

I'm surprised they didn't get their staff to get their own photo for two reasons. One, this is an iPhone photo. Its quality is sub-par, especially for publication. If I had to use a phone photo at The Daily Athenaeum, I'd run it very small. The second thing is this place is, literally, about a mile from the Princeton Times. A few more miles for Concord. So I'm surprised they didn't get a qualified photographer to photograph the restaurant.

Unfortunately The Concordian's website is no longer updated, so I can't read the article associated with the photo. But I thought I'd at least document it!

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