Cadiz, Ohio Edition: Ice Cream Island

By Candace Nelson - 8:00 AM

Because of some unfortunate circumstances, I had to make an unexpected trip home to Wellsburg. That trip turned into another unexpected trip to Cadiz, Ohio, to a cemetery. After burying a loved one, my family headed to leave Cadiz and return to some semblance of normality. We were trying to unwind, and get out of there when we saw Ice Cream Island.

If I could give better directions to this place, I would. I just know we passed it on our way leaving. We were all down in the dumps, and hey, when is ice cream better? It was kind of warm out, and this small little stand seemed to be right up our alley. We stopped off into the gravel parking lot and walked up to the window.

They had sundaes, cones and some fried food - like pickles! My parents both got chocolate shakes, and I opted for a Moosetracks cone. It did take a little while, but I think that's because people in front of us ordered food. I didn't notice them when I first came in, as they were sitting off to the side on some picnic tables.

We didn't stick around for long and instead left for home. I focused on that cone instead of the day's events. It was sweet, the peanut butter cups were like little hidden treasures, and it was packed to the very bottom of the cone - a difficult feat for non soft-serve ice cream. I know they didn't make the Moosetracks, but they did pack that cone the best way possible. Plus it was overflowing from the top, too. For only $6, they not only gave me an excellent cone, but they helped bring a little cheer to my day.

Grade: A
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