Casa D'Amici

By Candace Nelson - 8:00 AM

Food snobs will turn their noses up at this pizza joint. But Casa is home to the drunk pizza. Want a greasy slice at 2 a.m. after walking home from the bar? This is your place. And if you plan on being out at night, any day of the week really, this becomes the drunk munchie heaven.

You walk in, and there are prepared pizzas on the counter, which they will warm up and hand on over to you. They also have other things you can order, but that's not usually how this works here. I've never gotten anything besides pizza, because I don't usually want to wait and just want that slice in my belly.

I ordered a slice of the cheese and a drink. Total comes to around $5. It's a pretty big, flat, New York-style slice with a tasty sauce, cheese and grease to last for days. It's good, though. It's good for a late-night pizza that has Morgantown written all over it.

You can't call yourself part of WVU if you haven't eaten here at least once.

Grade: B
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  1. I remember being a "counter girl" at this fine establishment. The crazy stuff you see at 3am on a Friday night.. haha. Nice blog by the way! I've enjoyed reading your reviews

    1. You're a far braver and more patient soul than I. I don't think I could handle that. I bet you have some good stories. Haha!

      And thanks so much! I appreciate it.


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