MiHaley's Sports Bar & Grill

By Candace Nelson - 8:00 AM

On my continued bar tour of Morgantown, MiHaley's was the next stop. Located on Van Voorhis, back toward those large student housing complexes, this bar isn't hard to find, but it is a little out of the way. I parked and walked to the front. Two dark doors lead to the entrance - kind of confusing, but not a big deal. We walked in and took a booth to the left. It was more of a local scene, and a group of four college kids looked out of place. We embraced it.

The bartender came over with some menus and got some drinks for us. The menu is pretty sparse and not fancy, but the Mountaineer Burger didn't sound bad - burger with bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato and pickles. It said you could get it on a kaiser roll or ciabatta, so I requested ciabatta. The bartender hesitated on whether or not they had it, but they did.

After what seemed like forever, our food finally came out. I was surprised to see my ciabatta was long. I was curious how they managed a burger on that. I took a look - one burger in the middle and a half on each end. It was awkward to eat, to say the least. Parts were falling out all over the place. It wasn't really flavorful, and I slathered it in ketchup so it had some flavor.

The french fries weren't bad, especially dipped in ranch. But for about $10, I don't think I can complain too much. It's cheap and basic. A couple friends, however, did get the wings and said they were great. Maybe that's what I'll be opting for next time.

Grade: C
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