Princeton Edition: Sue-B's BBQ

By Candace Nelson - 8:00 AM

Only I would get excited at the sight of a small shack along the road in hopes of it being a new dining establishment. Right alongside Grant's, between Thorn Street and Oakvale and Athens Road is a small, small building. It looks as though it could be a shed belonging to the grocery store. But look closer! Signs waving in the air say "Hotdogs!" and "BBQ!" and a small yellow building, complete with red porch.

We approached the building from the backside, so it was like a grand reveal when we pulled around to the front. A small gravel lot leads the way to this bbq shack. We walked up the bright red stairs. I was kind of surprised at how well this place was put together. It is new, and it is small, but the quality was not sub-par. As soon as I got to the top of the stairs, I saw a sign that said their daily special was a bbq sandwich, bag of chips and drink for $5. Sold! Something about package deals that I love. The rest of the menu is pretty small.

We stood on the porch, watching traffic go by as we waited for the food to be done. After just a few moments, the window slid back open and the kind gentleman ushered out the steaming hot sandwiches, wrapped in a brown paper bag. I spotted a single picnic bench on the side of the building, so we took ourselves there and unwrapped our foodie presents.

At first bite, I noticed how steamy the bun was the pork was tender. The bbq was a little too on the sweet side for me. I like a little bit more tang to my bbq. The chips were classic Lays (no choice here), and I had a water. I would've liked a little thicker, tangier sauce, but it wasn't bad. And I was pleasantly surprised considering the location. Would I go back? Mmm, when it comes to bbq, I'm not sure if anyone can beat A Taste of Memphis...

Grade: B
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