4th & Goal Sports Bar

By Candace Nelson - 8:00 AM

4th & Goal is essentially the bar portion of Are U Hungry. Located downstairs, this is mainly a bar area, but it does share the kitchen with Are U Hungry, and thus, you can order all the items that Are U hungry has on their menu.

Walking downstairs, I was a little hesitant, but it was actually clean, quiet, and cozy. It had only a few areas to sit, but I liked that.  My friends and I sat at a table and perused the menu. R U Hungry is known for their fat sandwiches, but that's not what I was after. Instead, I opted for a cheeseburger and mac'n'cheese bites. Why not?

While we waited for our food, we got to know the bar a little better. One friend in my group tweeted that we were there. That prompted the owner to swing by and give us shots. You can't beat that.

When our food came out, we were already ravenous because we hadn't eaten. As soon as I picked up my burger, my hand was covered in mustard and ketchup. It wasn't a pretty presentation, to say the least. But it tasted fine. And the mac'n'cheese bites were small fried bits of cheese and pasta … I couldn't make that sound bad if I tried. Overall, the food was pretty average. Since it is Are U Hungry, their specialties are their fat sandwiches. And like I said, this is a bar.

But the atmosphere here was killer. We ended up playing a game of trivia, in which my team won (of course). So we got yet another round of shots on the house. The owner knows how to treat his bar-goers. The food would have ranked a C, but the service would rank an A. Average those together, and you get...

Grade: B
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  1. Your team won the trivia round eh? Must have been what, a Wednesday? Thats trivia night. And if so and you were there when my team was, congrats on stealing a win from us as it doesnt happen very often lol. Yeah we are that good :) Glad you enjoyed it. Ray, the manager who runs trivia makes it fun for folks

    1. It was, indeed! Haha we were definitely determined. I don't think we won overall, but we won a few rounds, if memory serves correctly. This was probably a month or two ago by now. But Ray did a great job - we had a blast!

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