Pizza Al's II

By Candace Nelson - 8:00 AM

Pizza Al's makes the best, most authentic New York-style pies in Morgantown. For a tasty flat slice, Pizza Al's is the place to go in town. There's even a second location, aptly named "Pizza Al's II" in Sabraton along Earl Core Road. It's in the same plaza as Rio Grande III, but its name is not written above the location; you'll just have to see the actual restaurant front to know you're in the right spot.

The best part about restaurants being a little out of the way is that it has a direct relationship with how much parking there is available. More out of the way = more parking. I'm a fan of that.

Walking in this location is a little different. First of all, there' s a good bit more room. I always felt like the other location is fairly small inside; this location has much more seating and space. I walked up to the counter, took a to-go paper menu and sat at a table to look over my options. They are also listed on a board on the wall, and they're the same as the original location. A small pizza (14") is only $6.50, and it's a pretty big pie. If you want a topping, it'll cost you an extra buck, though.

The folks at the counter here were very friendly, which is kind of a change from the typical surly attitudes at the other establishment. So, that was a little bit more comforting. I also got a fountain drink. The unfortunate thing is it's $1 for a refill, and the drinks aren't too large. You also can't get a 2-liter when you dine in - to-go only. But you pay right at the counter (yes, they take CC), and you can check them out tossing the homemade dough, spreading the sauce and sprinkling mozzarella cheese on it right before it goes into the huge oven.

It wasn't too busy this afternoon, but the other location tends to be busy all the time. After a few minutes,  I was served a huge pie and a paper plate. Dinner ... is served.

I delicately select a slice and do my best to keep the stringy cheese in tact, before delivering a thin, crispy, yet chewy, crust topped with a high-quality, bright, tasty sauce and just the right amount of fresh toppings. The edges of the pizza are thicker and softer. It is hand-tossed; you get something made right for you, with great flavor.

Want a good pie without tons of frills? Check it out. No truffles or goat cheese here. But a solid, cheesy, tasty pizza.

Grade: A
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