Rusted Musket

By Candace Nelson - 8:00 AM

Usually referred to as Musket, this novelty restaurant/bar has been known among drunk college kids for a long time. The infamous stackers are piled high with meat and topped with coleslaw and french fries. Each is named after a city, with the Los Angeles being the biggest amongst them all.

The Rusted Musket is affectionately known as that sandwich joint that you stop at after a night of drinking. At least, I hope you were drinking. Otherwise, this (as well as places like R U Hungry) can test the boundaries of your stomach.

I, however, have only had Musket once - a long, long time ago. So I thought it was due time that I try it again. When Chris started learning Morgantown more, one of the first things he noticed was the Rusted Musket sign. It was like a landmark for him, so the other night, we finally decided to try it. It is a staple in town, after all.

They have a small dine-in area, takeout and delivery. I called in for delivery. I've heard terrible things about the wait time, but I didn't have any trouble. I wasn't even sure if they would deliver for sure since they are moving locations. But I called in our orders, and they told me 30-45 minutes.

About that time later, I got a knock on my door. A plastic bag full of goodies awaited me.

I ordered the Los Angeles stacker: steak and vidalia onion vinaigrette with pepper jack cheese plus Cajun chicken and bacon with cheddar cheese ($8). I made it a combo for $2 more, getting me a side of fries and a pop. When asked if I wanted either Root Beer or Orange Crush, I opted for the latter. It came in a bottle. That makes sense why there were only two options of drink.

Wrestling with the sandwich to get my hands around it is no easy feat. The thing is stacked like six inches high. No joke. I think most sandwiches have three pieces of toast, but this one had four whopping slices sandwiched between layers of creamy slaw, salty fries, seasoned meat and spicy chicken.

I was not intoxicated at this point of ingestion, but I must say - it's not bad. It's greasy and filling, and it's heavy. But it's good. It has those different textures - creamy, cool slaw and thick, heavy potato with some sweet and tangy sauces. Want a huge, sloppy sandwich that's sure to make you regret it in the morning? Try a stacker.

And the cheeseballs are legend here, too. Hot pepper cheeseballs - small or large, with a side of ranch. Frozen, then fried? Yep. Cheesey, greasy and average quality? Yep. But it's something you have to try. Like Mario's, Black Bear and R U Hungry, you haven't really lived until you've had it.

Grade: B
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  1. I haven't had Musket in 7-8 years but it looks like it hasn't changed one bit.

    1. Probably not! It is moving, though, so that will be different.


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