Bluefield Edition: Cafe de Sunny

By Candace Nelson - 6:11 PM

UntitledUntitledI noticed a new small restaurant in Mercer Mall recently, and the first thing that struck me is that this area LOVES naming their restaurants after the sun (Cafe Soleil, Sunny Days and now Cafe de Sunny). The interior actually looks nicer than many of the other restaurants at the mall, and this one actually has a dine-in area.

UntitledIt was staffed by some young high school girls, who quite frankly weren't well-versed in customer service. I walked up to the front, waited for a minute or so before anybody even acknowledged me. Then, as though I had just beaten her puppy, a girl asked what I wanted. They claim to have homemade chili, so I ordered two West Virginia hotdogs - chili, slaw, mustard and onions.

I noticed the girl put ONE glove on, the one which she scooped the condiments with, and she held my two hotdogs with her bare hand. Uh, think you have that backwards sweetheart. The real kicker was that she had a Band-aid on her finger, and it was slightly touching my hotdog. That was enough to turn my stomach. Why not put the glove on the hand that's actually TOUCHING the hotdog? Not the one that has a condiment utensil between it? Anyway.

UntitledUntitledI also got a bag of Fritos. I looked over their ice cream bar, but decided against it due to sanitary reasons. I reluctantly ate some of the hotdog, but couldn't get the thought of her touching it out of my head, so I threw most of it away. What I did taste was good, though. The chili actually tasted pretty good. Not good enough for me to continue, though.

Grade: D
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