Classics 3 Restaurant and Lounge

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Classics 3 Restaurant & LoungeClassics 3 Restaurant & LoungeClassics 3 is located on Greenbag Road, and for a long time, I thought it was just a "hot spot." There's actually a good bit more to it than that. Apparently upstairs there is a bar, and downstairs, there's a restaurant. My friend and I snagged a seat and waited patiently for the woman working to come by with some menus.

It's a little more than typical bar food, as they have some sandwiches and dinners, too. I was pretty indecisive, so I asked the waitress what is popular. She suggested the Mr. C's sandwich. Without even looking, I said "sign me up."

Classics 3 Restaurant & LoungeClassics 3 Restaurant & LoungeAfter looking at the description, I saw that it is sirloin, pepperoni, provolone cheese, mild peppers, onions and mushrooms on a 6" toasted roll. And a side of fries. When she brought it out, it didn't look bad. But upon first bite, I realized this is not super high quality, and it was more buried with soggy peppers than bulky meat. Kind of bland, kind of flavorless, kind of soggy. Meh. I have half in my fridge still, and I probably won't end up eating it.

Classics 3 Restaurant & LoungeClassics 3 Restaurant & Lounge

Dessert can redeem any meal for me. So when the waitress suggested homemade apple pie as a dessert, I jumped on. But it too was flavorless, cold, lifeless. I won't be back - not for the food, at least.

Grade: C
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