Thursday, January 24, 2013

Dave's Famous T & L Hotdogs

Mall - T&L and Just DessertsMall - T&L and Just DessertsDave's Famous T & L Hotdogs claims to be West Virginia's #1 selling hotdog, with locations in Bridgeport, Pruntytown, Clarksburg and Morgantown. They have this '50s diner look to their restaurants where they sell their homemade chili hot dogs and famous "fresh cut" fries.

Unfortunately, Morgantown's location is a small area in the food court of the mall. Regardless, I wanted to try it out to see how their dogs measure up. I ordered their T & L original, which is a Sugardale all meat wiener topped with yellow mustard, Spanish onions, homemade chili sauce (mild, medium, or hot) and stuff in a fresh steamed bun.

They also have a WV hotdog, which has all of the above plus slaw. That should make the folks at The WV Hotdog Blog happy.

Mall - T&L and Just DessertsMall - T&L and Just Desserts

After a minute or so, they pushed out a tray with a solitary dog, so I assumed that was mine. But it was a soggy dog with some chili. No onions, no mustard. So I quickly asked if it was mine, so they checked it out. They added some onions and mustard. Those condiments still weren't really visible. Which probably wasn't a good indication.

Soggy dog, mediocre ingredients. The sauce was thin and soupy that the bun sopped it all up, so it became soggy. The texture was yucky at this point, but luckily the chili had some flavor. That was really the only redeeming factor here.

Grade: C
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