Washington, PA Edition: Fusion Japanese Steakhouse

By Candace Nelson - 8:00 AM

UntitledUntitledA friend wanted to get out of town and try sushi in Washington, PA. Or as I call it, "Little Washington." We headed up to Fusion Steakhouse, which is a Japanese hibachi that has a few locations locally.

UntitledAs soon as we walked in, I realized how incredibly loud and packed it was. This place was super busy. We didn't opt for the hibachi - just a seat in the restaurant - so we got to move to the front of the line. As we walked through the hibachi area, you could hear people cheering for the chefs and loud music playing. It was almost a mix between a nightclub and restaurant.

It took a while for the server to get to us because they were so busy, I assume. But once she did, she made it clear she was in a hurry by plopping our menus down quickly and rushing for our drinks. 

UntitledI got the Sunset Roll, which is crispy shrimp tempura and avocado on the inside, topped with crab and smokey cream sauce. I also got a spicy California roll. Both of them were actually quite tasty. The Sunset Roll is similar to my favorite at Volcano - the WV roll. The sushi was fresh, a good temperature, and tightly rolled. The flavors melded together seamlessly, and I ate every last roll.

For dessert, I ordered a Reese's pie. While not made in-house, it was decadent, chocolatey, peanut buttery and hit every "mm" zone. I'd totally go back to this place if you want out of the typical Morgantown rut occasionally. 

Grade: A
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  1. Nobody calls it that. It's Little War-shington.

    1. Haha - I do NOT say it like that! Just Little Washington.

  2. Hey! Where's the receipt on this one??

    1. Ooh I haven't been doing the receipts as much because I've had receipts that have printed sensitive information before. So trying to be a little safer!

  3. I liked your review I going there this weekend will see how it goes. And to the person who says that no calls it little War-shington, they haven't been the Mon Valley much because they do talk like that. And you didn't say it that way.

    1. Hi Marsha - sorry it took me some time getting back to you! How'd it go? I hope you enjoyed it!


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