Pittsburgh, PA Edition: Sal's City Deli

By Candace Nelson - 8:00 AM

Sal'sSal'sI went to see the ballet recently in Pittsburgh and had a quick lunch while I was in the area. Sal's City Deli is right down the street from the Benedum Center and is only about four months old.

The sandwich shop kind of has an Italian flair - with some pastrami/salami "sangwiches." It seemed like a good, inexpensive lunch option, so I was excited to see the menu.

They have items like the Reuben, Muffaletta, French Dip, Grilled Chicken Aioli, and a Southwestern  Grilled Salmon - which I ordered.

It is a chargrilled salmon fillet with a jalapeno remoulade with sliced avocados on a roll. It came with a side of thick-sliced chips and a pickle spear. All for $11. 

Sal'sSal'sIt was really quite tasty. I wasn't sure what to expect with a sandwich shop because those that I've been to are pretty basic and not creative. I'm pleased with some of their different options for lunch and making a damn tasty sandwich with simple, fresh ingredients. My sandwich had a huge slab of salmon that flaked with a prick of my fork, fresh toppings and a slight kick in the sauce to bring it all together.

The manager happened to hear my friend and I mention Morgantown, and he came over to chat. Apparently he went to school at WVU and returned home and is currently working in the restaurant. Small world. He made sure we were satisfied with our meals, which we were.

For a nice little lunch place, give it a go. 

Grade: A
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  1. Candace:

    Thank you for your kind words. We try very hard at Sal's to provide top notch food and service. Our food quality is unparalleled; we only use the absolute highest grade of any ingredient. We now offer complete beverage service – so look forward to upcoming happy hour specials on local beers, wines and spirits. I am truly thrilled that you enjoyed your meal, and again, thank you for the accolades.

    Mike Tarquinio

  2. Hi Mike! Thanks for the great lunch.

  3. Your blog is very professional looking. Will look great on your resume.


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