Anthony's Pizza (Cheat Lake)

By Candace Nelson - 11:37 AM

Anthony's Pizza (Cheat Lake)Anthony's Pizza (Cheat Lake)I tried Anthony's Pizza once before without much satisfaction. My order got messed up, and I just wasn't pleased...

Fast-forward a year or two, and I'm ready to check out their new location in Cheat Lake. I had my eye on this place because it used to be "Cheat Lake Pizza 'N Pasta," which didn't sound much too appetizing. Luckily, Anthony's can reuse the incredibly descriptive "Pizza" lettering above the shop.

Anthony's Pizza (Cheat Lake)Anthony's Pizza (Cheat Lake)

Anthony's Pizza (Cheat Lake)It's much larger inside than I anticipated, and there are a few booths and tables if you choose to dine in. I decided to keep it simple this time and just got a cheese pizza and some breadsticks.

The breadsticks were just ... bland. Could've used a generous amount of garlic and another coating or two of cheese.  Maybe I'm being overly critical. They were just average.

The pizza, too, fell into that category. The pizza was pretty greasy; the sauce tasted canned. I liked my pizza even flatter than this. While my order was correct, and the people working seemed great, I just wasn't impressed by the food.

Grade: C
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  1. Wish you would have tried it when it was still Cheat Lake Pizza & Pasta. I grew up on that stuff! Have tried it once since it became Anthony's and thought it was a little greasier, more expensive and I missed the super doughy crust that Pizza & Pasta's pies had.

    1. ah! Is it good? I heard it wasn't so much! Anthony's isn't my favorite ... so I'm sad I didn't get to try Cheat Lake Pizza & Pasta now!


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