Charleston Edition: Adelphia Sports Bar & Grille

By Candace Nelson - 10:06 PM

AdelphiaAdelphiaAdelphiaAdelphia is one of the few "classic" restaurants that I hadn't been to in Charleston. There are a handful of classic restaurants - Bluegrass Kitchen, Tricky Fish, Vandalia Grille - that I think of when folks come to town, and these are usually some of the first restaurants people try here. I finally was able to try Adelphia - which is this interesting combo between Greek food and sports bar.

AdelphiaIt's located on Capitol Street, so parking isn't so fun. However, it's worth it once you get there. There is some outdoor dining available - and we actually saw a couple with their dogs outside while they ate. So, that's cool.

The menu is a hybrid between sports bar and Greek, complete with tons of large TVs adorning the walls and miniature speakers for the table to tune into the TV of your choice.

AdelphiaI decided to go classic and tried their gyro. We also got an appetizer of fried feta cheese because the menu said it was their original. If you want to essentially have bar food but feel a little classy in the process, get it. It's deep-fried goodness. Giant chunks of fried feta cheese atop a piece of pita lightly seasoned and topped with an olive? Um, yes, please. Two, actually.

AdelphiaAdelphiaThe gyro was also tasty. The ingredients were all fresh and not greasy - I tend to think of a festival gyro where it's soaked with sauce and dripping. But this had perfectly seasoned strips of meat, enough sauce to taste it and fresh tomatoes and onions on top. Very good. Also - the sweet potato/waffle fries came with a cream cheesey cinnamon sauce that was an interesting combo. But good. I'm a fan of the sweet/salty, so it won me over.

I also got the baklava, which was decent. It was heavier on the honey than what I'm used to, but if that's your boat, get to it, gravy. They have some other desserts that look pretty tasty though.

Grade: A
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