Charleston Edition: Creperi Cafe

By Candace Nelson - 10:05 PM

UntitledUntitledA whole café devoted to Crepes? Is this Charleston or France; I’m confused. TWO cafes?

The Creperi Café has two locations: one in Kanawha City and another at Trace Fork in South Charleston. My friend and I tried to hit up the original location in Kanawha City, but it had closed for the evening. So we trekked over to the location in South Charleston.

They offer both sweet and savory crepes. So, if you’re feeling breakfast, you can get some stuffed with eggs, cheese, bacon, ham, etc. Lunch and dinner options include smoked salmon, shrimp and a Greek version.

UntitledBut of course I went for dessert.

Chocolate, strawberries and ice cream on top was my selection. After I placed my order at the counter, I took a seat and awaited my dessert. If you can, catch a glimpse of them making it. Kinda nifty.

UntitledMaybe I hyped this up in my mind, but the chocolate was SO overpowering, that I barely was able to taste the cool, sweet strawberries or the fluffy crepe pastry. There are few times when I say to tone down the chocolate, but this is one. It simply didn’t let the other flavors shine through and instead covered the elements sloppily. Less chocolate, and I think this would be delicious. I was pairing ice cream with bites of chocolate to tone down the flavor.

And all the other offerings on the menu are enticing, too. I’ll have to take another shot.

Grade: B
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