Charleston Edition: Sweet Spoon

By Candace Nelson - 9:00 AM

Sweet spoonLocated on the same stretch with Main Kwong and Umami, Sweet Spoon is the newest addition to that block trio. In fact, the owner of Main Kwong, Carina Kwok, opened the the self-serve frozen yogurt bar.

In typical froyo fashion, folks can grab a cup of their choosing and fill it with any combination of yogurt and toppings they desire. I believe Sweet Spoon has about 12 different flavors, and toppings include candy, nuts, syrups, fruits, chocolate, coconut - anything you can thing of. And you place it on the scale and pay for it by weight.

I reiterated that I think the froyo should sell portioned cups so I can have one side that's fruity and one that is chocolately. I consistently try to mix them, and it never works out well. This time I just went for the chocolately side.

Sweet spoonSweet spoonThe options were good - I've seen more, I've seen less. It could use a little more tidying. The toppings bar always gets messy when people are constantly helping themselves. And the yogurt itself tasted pretty good, and the toppings weren't stale. That's a plus. They are quite prone to that when sitting out all day.

Apparently they also have coffee and they plan to provide five iPads for customers to use while sitting at the shop's wi-fi bar.

I'm not sure there are many other options for ice cream in the area, so give it a go.

Grade: B

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