Charleston Edition: Sistah's Rib Shack

By Candace Nelson - 5:12 PM

Sistah'sSistah'sHow could you not be interested in a place called "Sistah's"? A friend and I went over the West Side (gasp!) to check out the Queen of Ribs' place. Upon arrival, I realized there really isn't a dining area inside. They do, however, have a couple of like - wooden spools? - outside to dine at.

Sistah'sSistah'sSo, we placed our order for a rib dinner, complete with two sides. I opted for macaroni and cheese and mashed potatoes. You gotta order at least $10 worth to use a credit card; luckily, my total came to $10.60

Sistah'sThey told us to come back in a half hour or so to pick up our food. A half hour goes by, and we come back. They tell us they had an issue with their smoker, so it'd be another 20 minutes. We waited this long, we figured, so we might as well stay. Another 20 minutes goes by, and they tell us it'll be another 20. Again, we figured, we already paid so we might as well stay.

Sistah'sRepeat this scenario for three hours. Three hours total, that is. We asked at least for our sides around hour two, and they gave them to us. They were delicious. The macaroni and cheese was homemade and slightly sweet. The potatoes, creamy and doused with brown gravy. Delicious. The cornbread was also the perfect consistency between crumbley and moist. If the ribs were this good, it would've been worth the wait.

But by the time three hours went by, I was just unhappy. I tasted the ribs once I got home, and I was just completely let down. I know they had a problem with their smoker, so that may be the culprit. But they were fatty, and it didn't look like they were cooked through. That worried me, so instead of risking it, I ended up throwing away most of my dinner.


I feel like if their smoker was working correctly that this may be a completely different review. But, I just can't get over that wait and then being let-down by the taste. I waited forever, then was still hungry. And while I really enjoyed the Queen's personality - she was super sweet - if you REALLY want your customer to give this place another try, you comp their meal.

Grade: C
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