Ceredo Edition: Austin's Homemade Ice Cream

By Candace Nelson - 4:51 PM

Austin's Homemade Ice CreamI recently took a day trip to Huntington because I had never been before. One of my first stops as I was exploring was Austin's Homemade Ice Cream.

We just had a large lunch (which I'll talk about soon) and had a hankering for something sweet. Austin's is awesome. There are all kids of different flavors and options.

I was feeling classic: Strawberry. It was light, cool, refreshing and just hit the spot. The warm day prescribed those ice cream cones to us, I think.

Austin's Homemade Ice CreamI asked for a medium, which I figured would be a good compromise between what my head told me I wanted and what my stomach knew I could handle.

The medium means two scoops. For a normal person, that's more than enough. I wasn't able to finish it just because it was SO much ice cream. But I so, so wanted to.

Grade: A
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