Charleston Edition: China Max

By Candace Nelson - 8:30 AM

China MaxChina Max

The Charleston Town Center Mall is one of the best - if not THE best - in West Virginia. It's huge and has most of my go-to stores.

China MaxIt also has a Chinese place in the food court - China Max!

I know you all know my love for Chinese food, and while this isn't upscale, fine American-Chinese dining, but it is a great option for quickie American-Chinese food.

It's cafeteria-style in the sense that there are large trays of premade food kept hot, and you can choose what you like. I chose two different types - a honey type and a sweet/sour type. Both made with a thick, sweet, tangy sauce. Both quite tasty.

China MaxChicken was of good quality, with a nice crisp coating, covering in that thick sauce.

I got a side of lo mein, which was fine quality. And a side of two crab rangoons - you can also get an eggroll - but nice they do these on the side rather than paying full appetizer price.

If you want good, quick Chinese food in the mall, this is a pretty good option. I've definitely had worse. 

Grade: B
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