Huntington Edition: Fat Patty's

By Candace Nelson - 9:00 AM

Fat Patty'sFat Patty'sBeing from the northern part of the stay (way north!), I grew up more familiar with neighboring Ohio and Pennsylvania, rather than the southern part of West Virginia. I'm still learning Charleston, but I really wanted to check out Huntington recently because I had NEVER been there. So, a daytrip it was.

Fat Patty'sFat Patty'sFat Patty's

I wanted to do the typical Huntington stuff - like visit Marshall. We walked around campus a bit - which is quite flat and green - and I saw the statue and the fountain. Lovely little campus.

We also went to Ritter Park, which is this expansive stretch of grass with people walking their dogs, kids playing in the park, skateboarding - just an amazing community area. I wish we had one. We also went around up top to see the rose garden. Fun fact: My middle name is rose. So, yes, I was happy with the roses. Gorgeous and just absolutely incredible.

Fat Patty'sFat Patty'sFat Patty's

Fat Patty'sFat Patty'sThe very first restaurant we stopped at was Fat Patty's. I've consistently been told by my Marshall friends that Fat Patty's is THE restaurant in town for the Marshall kids. And it is right in town. It seems as though it's an institution of sorts. When I think of Huntington restaurants, Fat Patty's is the first thought.

Fat Patty'sFat Patty'sFat Patty's

First off, it's weird seeing a restaurant decked out in Marshall colors. Just. Weird.

Fat Patty'sBut we sat down and browsed the menu. I like to try a place's signature dish - because, hey, it's the signature for a reason, right?

The Patty Burger was it. I got a lot of recommendations for other ones, but I figured this could be the benchmark. It's two 5 oz. beef patties, cheese, bacon, tomato, onion, lettuce and mayo. I also got a side of fries. 

My first thought?

Um, I'm going to go into cardiac arrest here at this table.

Huge burger. Huuuge burger and toppling with veggies and condiments. Just wow. The meat was sizzling hot, excellent blend of flavors, and they don't skimp on the toppings.

The fries have that perfectly crisp and battered coating. Just sickeningly good.

Pretty good burger. And it's one of those spots you gotta try.

I left with a full tummy - and leftovers - and money left in my wallet. Pretty good, if you ask me.

Fat Patty'sGrade: A
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  1. Go Herd! (Marshall alum here)

    That Fat Patty's (the best one, IMO) is in the former Mycroft's that we went to when I went to Marshall. They actually have my favorite Mycroft's sandwich, the Nitty Gritty Grinder, which is basically a French dip. A really, really tasty French dip and the only thing I seem to want when I go there.

    There are a lot of nice restaurants in Hungtington, but sadly you are too late for some of the best ones. Chili Willie's, Calamity Cafe, and Julio's (yeah, I'm dating myself with that one, it's where I learned to play quarters and more of a watering hole). You should try the Stewart's hot dog and the Frost Top one and do a comparison. People seem to love one or the other (Stewart's for me). So many memories for me in Huntington!

    1. Hi Hope! No Herd talk on this page! =] I'm only kidding. Hmm - I'm not sure where Mycroft is, but now I'm curious!

      And don't tell me that! I'm sure there are still some great ones. I've heard there's a hotdog festival in Huntington this weekend - where Frost Top and Stewart's both will be, I think. So I'm gonna try to get back there!

    2. Mycroft's was a bar/restaurant that used to be where Fat Patty's is now. We had my BFF's bachelorette party there. I miss that place! And I am dating a Mountaineer fan, so I don't smacktalk! :)

      Oh, the Hot Dog festival is this weekend? I've kind of always wanted to check that out. They have weiner dog races. Enjoy it if you go! And if you want to be shocked by the green, check out the Marshall Cafe nearby. It's been a few years since I've been there, but I really enjoyed it. Places on my list to try are Huntington Prime (farm to table food) on 4th Avenue and Black Sheep Burrito on the corner of Hal Greer and 3rd, which is supposed to have a lot of veggie/vegan options (my S.O. is vegetarian). Have a nice weekend!

    3. Hi Hope!

      Ah, I see! At least it's been replaced by a pretty good restaurant? And yay for Herd-Mountaineer friendships. Haha!

      It is this weekend! http://wvhotdogfestival.com/. Black Sheep has been on my list, too. I've heard great things. I'll definitely have a blogpost if I end up going! =]

  2. Hey, if you're looking for more Huntington places to try, I highly recommend The Backyard (http://www.backyardcraftedpizza.com/). If you like seafood try the Seafood Fra Diavolo pizza, out of this world. It's a little place on 4th ave and can get pretty crowded, but it's worth the wait. I went the last month and I can't wait to get back to Huntington to go again.

    1. Somebody JUST told me about that pizza place today! Sometimes those tiny places - which get super crowded - are the best. People know where to go! Thanks!


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