Huntington Edition: Jim's Steak and Spaghetti House

By Candace Nelson - 9:47 AM

Jim's SpaghettiJim's SpaghettiJim's Steak and Spaghetti is one of those iconic Huntington restaurants that you just gotta try. And I've heard my fair share of Jim's being entirely overrated, so I was hesitant. But whenever someone downplays a restaurant, I think my propensity to like them increases. The inverse is also true - don't talk up a restaurant to me, or my expectations will be entirely too high.

Jim's SpaghettiJim's Spaghetti

Jim's SpaghettiAfter an assignment one day, my photographer friend and I were starving. We walked in and a waitress seated us at a green booth. It just so happens that President John F. Kennedy sat in that very booth. And they're very proud of it.

The menu features Italian fare and some "dinners" - steak, ham, fish. I ordered a small spaghetti. It came with a small salad (I ordered French dressing).

Jim's Spaghetti
It wasn't too busy this particular day. Our food came out fairly quickly.

My salad was basic, but crisp. French was out of a packet, but I'd rather they give me that than no French at all.

Jim's SpaghettiJim's SpaghettiI was actually surprised at how small the "small" spaghetti was. Granted,  I really didn't need much for lunch. But I didn't want to risk a large spaghetti. Anyway, it was good enough for this day. If you're bringing an appetite, you might want to get the large.

Jim's SpaghettiI know some folks aren't huge fans of the sauce, but I liked it. While many say it's capitalizing on the past or its reputation, I think the food is actually good. It reminds me of spaghetti my grandma made. The sauce is cheap. It's nostalgia for me - not for the restaurant - but for that type of food. And I missed it.

The sauce doesn't have a great depth. It's salt, pepper, garlic with some ground beef in a ketchup-based sauce. It's good.

Jim's SpaghettiI also got a few slices of bread and butter to go with the dish. Reminds me of home. Love that.

I wish I had been there for strawberry pie week, but alas, I settled for chocolate. Settled, ha. It was delish - indulgent. It's essentially pudding with a whipped topping and a crust. So lovely.

The worst part about this place is that it is cash or check only. There is an ATM there, so it's convenient.

Regardless, it's one of those places you gotta try. It's a classic.

Grade: A
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