Steubenville, OH Edition: Imperial China Buffet

By Candace Nelson - 8:30 AM

Imperial China BuffetI went home recently for Father's Day, and in my family of three, whoever's day it is that we're celebrating, that person gets to choose where we have dinner.

So, my dad chose Chinese. I wouldn't say the Northern Panhandle has a a wide selection of Asian food. Growing up, we didn't have any options for that until a small take-out shop opened up in Follansbee during high school.

Imperial China BuffetImperial China BuffetImperial China Buffet

Before then, our only options beyond local diner food, fast food or Italian were Pittsburgh, really. I remember going to work with my dad one day and eating lunch from a Chinese street vendor. It was the first time I ever had an eggroll, and it was my first exposure to any sort of ethnic cuisine.

Imperial China BuffetImperial China Buffet

Imperial China BuffetWhich, I think, is why Chinese food remains my favorite. And the fact that I didn't grow up with that variety makes me interested in trying as many new places as possible.

Just dropped a little knowledge on ya.

Imperial China BuffetSo the Imperial China Buffet is relatively new at the Ft. Steuben Mall. I want to say it came in when I was in high school? I guess that's not relatively new anymore. But the mall in Steubenville was the closest mall to us, and even though it was kind of sad, we would go in high school if we didn't feel like traveling the extra half hour or so to Pittsburgh's mall.

This Chinese buffet is good by the area's standards. There is decent variety, with a couple different islands, and they have the basics like General Tsos, Coconut shrimp, crab cheese rangoons, lo mein, etc.

They even had some basic sushi rolls.

There wasn't anything that was exceptionally prepared, though I did have a half-dozen stuffed mushrooms. And I really think it's a good option in the area. And, it might even be better than some of the places I've been to in Morgantown.

If you're looking for a Chinese buffet in the area, it's probably the best bet.

Grade: B
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