Charleston Edition: Gino's Pizza and Spaghetti

By Candace Nelson - 5:14 PM

Gino'sRemember how excited I got when I had a calzone from Gino's in Clay County? I thought I found THE best thing at Gino's. I was just choosing the wrong thing! I gotta give all other Gino's a chance!


I went to the Gino's on the East End of Charleston. I had called in my order previously and just went inside to pick it up. It's pretty close to home, so it's convenient.

Gino'sWhen I walked in, the man was chit-chatting with a couple in front of me and failed to even acknowledge me until they finished their conversation. Then he asked me what I had ordered. I told him. During this process, there was some in-fighting amongst employees, and I actually felt bad for the guy working.

Gino'sIt could use a dose of professionalism.

When I got home, I was severely disappointed. My calzone had been cut haphazardl. It had been cooked too long on the bottom. Grease was puddling in the box. The edges were odd and puckered, leaving crunchy bits and odd openings.

Where was the beautiful work of art I had received in Clay? It had been replaced with this lifeless, overly greasy, slovenly assembled blech. No bueno.

Grade: C
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