Morgantown Edition: Double Dutch Confections

By Candace Nelson - 2:23 PM

Double Dutch ConfectionaryDouble Dutch ConfectionaryDouble Dutch Confectionary

Double Dutch Confectionary
A new candy store has taken the place of WVU-themed apparel and gift store Mountaineer Country on Beechurst in downtown Morgantown

Double Dutch ConfectionaryDouble Dutch Confections is located at 732 Beechurst Ave. and sells a variety of chocolates, candies and other treats. The store's chocolate case features chocolates from Gertrude Hawk. Those range from salted caramels to coffee and cream truffles and dark chocolate coconut to vanilla buttercream.

Double Dutch ConfectionaryI got one of each that they had in their case that day. The different tiers have different prices. Sixty-something cents, then forty-something cents, and the ones at the top were only a few cents each. Getting one of each, my total came out to around $10, with a toffee pretzel that was also taunting me in the corner.

Overall, pretty good. It's a nice little shop for special occasions, and they carry some items you probably won't find at Kroger or other local grocery stores.

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