Lewisburg Edition: Del Sol Cantina and Grille

By Candace Nelson - 9:00 AM

Del Sol CollageLewisburg is seriously one of my favorite towns. There are a handful of restaurants in the downtown area - all local, all incredibly good. After my last trip, one of the few places I didn't get to try was Del Sol Cantina & Grille (after this, I think I've had just about everything in the downtown area, save for a bakery).

Parking (free!) was available nearby, and Hannah and I walked over. This place was hoppin'. A line was out the door, but we waited it out. After just a few moments, we were inside the restaurant. With a warm color palette and outdoor dining, the Latin American restaurant was relaxing and comfortable.

A few different items caught my eye, but the one that stood out was the chimichanga. I went for chicken. It had jack cheese, rice, black beans, all wrapped in a flour tortilla, fried, and served with salsa and sour cream.

Del Sol CantinaHoly wow. his is REALLY GOOD. So flavorful - crispy outside, with tons of cheese inside. Nice pulled chicken and black beans. Cool salsa and creamy sour cream just made this an all-around good dish.

Is Lewisburg where you would think to go for good Latin American food? I mean, based on this chimichanga, then yes. It hit all the crispy, cheesey, creamy, tangy points I needed. Fan. Definitely a fan.

Grade: A
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