Morgantown Edition: Street Meatz

By Candace Nelson - 9:00 AM

Street Meatz Collage

Morgantown is venturing into new territory - food trucks! Well, kinda. There was some hubbub over food trucks on High Street - the taco truck and hotdog vendors have had some trouble with that.

And then we have Hash Browns & New Grounds, who currently mostly sticks to the college housing complex on Van Voorhis and the Bridgeport Farmers Market.

And now there's Street Meatz. Located - fairly stationary - in the parking lot of Ace Hardware on Maple Drive. Near Mon General. The name is a bit off-putting, but their shtick is featuring local meat and locally sourced produce. Can't really go wrong with that.

Street MeatzTheir burgers and hot dogs are their main features, and each day, they have a different theme. Wednesdays seem to be "Wild West" with elk or antelope, and Fridays are "Fiesta Friday." In the middle, they sprinkle an Italian day or maybe a veggie day or something different.

The day I went, they had a steak salad as their special. I opted for the burger, and you can get what kind of cheese you'd like. Blue cheese for me. And a side of jambalaya - because how often do you see that? Apparently it is the owner's own recipe.

They were fairly busy, and as I was waiting, the woman working noticed who I was from my name & my comment on their page earlier that day. She came and talked to me about how this is the owner's creative endeavor, and they've been seeing a good bit of business. She said they hoped to have phone orders to call in ahead of time soon - looks like that's active now at 304-777-7456.

Super friendly people and really excited about this new endeavor.

When I got my bag of goodies, I took it straight to my car to get some quick photos before having to drive back to work before I could eat.

Okay, first I tried the jambalaya - while it had great flavor and large chunks of sausage and peppers, it became a little soggy by the time I was back. That could be my fault because it was so hot and trapped in that container, and it could've been steamed. Or it could've been a little soggy from cooking all day. Not sure, but that's a minor complaint. The flavor was spot on.

The burger: They expertly craft this as two halves so you can assemble it right before you eat it. Genius. These little boxes keep everything in tact so not all the sauces are mixing and your tomato is getting soggy, etc. Really nice.

Street Meatz
I wish they ask how you'd like it prepared, because it was just a tad overdone for me. I assume most people probably (incorrectly) like their burgers well-done, but knowing where their product comes from - I could've gone more medium/medium-well. It definitely has that kind of char outer taste. But good, flavorful meat, fresh ingredients. And a bigger bun will help hold up all that goodness.

Overall, though, pretty solid. After a few kinks, I think they will be running smoothly.

Grade: B
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