Fairmont Edition: Copper House Grill

By Candace Nelson - 10:39 AM

Copper House Collage

As I run out of new places to try in Morgantown, I have begun to explore Fairmont. Fairmont is rarely a destination for me, and I'm often driving through the area - rather than stopping in - but that's changing as I find more and more places I've never been.

Copper House Grill is one. It's located not far off the highway and is easily recognizable for its - surprise - copper roof.

In a refreshing change from Morgantown, parking isn't an issue as there is a large lot with ample space.

When Afton and I walked in, it was a little awkward. The first thing you see is a dimly lit bar. Had I taken a wrong turn and ended up in a bar? Thankfully not. After looking awkward for a second, we were waved to a table past the bar area next to a window. Outside, there is a nice deck area for dining. It was a little too warm for us on that day.

Entrees, seafood, pasta, sandwiches and hoagies made for a kind of eclectic menu varying in price, but a few dishes were especially unique - like the Caribbean lettuce wraps. Most, however, centered around seafood.

To start our meal, we ordered their "legendary" crab dip. With or without a bread bowl. We went without. It was out within a minute or two. So quick I worried how it was prepared. Did they make this and it's been sitting all day? I mean, it was crazy fast. We decided it was probably cooked in like a crockpot and just scooped as folks order. It came with black and red tortilla chips. And, it was OK. I wish it had tasted more fresh? Maybe actual chunks of crab? Tasted more like a cheese dip with crab flavoring. But, it was still tasty. I think I was just looking for more with "legendary" labeled on this dish.

Copper House GrillFor my entree, I went with the scallops - sautéed. For my sides, I ordered garlic mashed potatoes and veggies. $20 for that didn't sound bad. Until I received my 7.5 extra small scallops. The entree portion was smaller than my potatoes or veggies. Either they need be larger or you have to give a little more. They looked pathetic next to my sides. However, everything tasted great. The scallops were seasoned and prepared well. My garlic potatoes were tasty and full of flavor. Veggies weren't bad either.

Copper House GrillAnd I know scallops aren't cheap. Especially if they're fresh. But when they're small and not even whole ones -- they need to not be as pricey.

Check out their Yelp and TripAdvisor for more info.

Grade: B
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