Davis Edition: Sirianni's Pizza Cafe

By Candace Nelson - 9:34 AM

Mtn State Brewing CollageThe final stop in the Davis/Thomas area (this time) was at Siriannis, the local pizza joint. Joint may not be the right word, though, as when I think of that, I think of a hole in the wall with great pizza. But like most small restaurants in this area, it's hip and has some character.

Plus maybe my favorite door ever.

Since we spent our entire time in the towns eating, we just ordered a small pizza and split it between the two of us. I got mushrooms on my side.

Sirianni's Cafe
A pretty good pizza overall. I was a fan of the sauce. Crust was a bit poofier - but that may because of the size we ordered. I'm used to more toward flat slices in Morgantown. Very tasty, though. A nice crisp on the bottom and tons of oozing cheese. Nice way to round out my short road trip and get a taste - literally - of the area.

Grade: A
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