Cleveland, OH Edition: B Spot Burgers

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

B spotA coworker directed me to "The 101 Best Burgers in America" list when he heard I was heading to Cleveland for a weekend trip. B Spot Burgers was ranked #12 - The Lola burger, specifically.

B spot
B spot

The interior is pretty cool, with a giant wall of beer cans and antler light fixtures. Salvaged wood-esque tables. Pretty cool.

B spotThe Lola has a sunnyside-up egg, bacon, pickled red onions and cheddar. That sounded like it'd go perfectly with a chocolate shake. The shake came out first and had the additional metal container so I could go for seconds. It was pretty chocolatey - I think a little milky/creamy lighter flavor would've been nice. But, hell, it's a milkshake. It can't be bad.

B spot
While we waited for our food, I learned about the pickle bar, which had sweet pickles, garlic pickles, pickled onions, kimchi and more. That's a pretty cool addition. So, when our burgers arrived, we headed straight over there to add some pickles along side.

B spot
Then, it was time to dig in.

B spotThis burger is gooey, creamy, slightly sour with a nice buttery crunch in the bread. It hits all points. I didn't really know what I was going to get with the flavors, but the pickled onion prevailed. Plus the cheddar together with the egg was just a unique combo that was like breakfast food on steroids.

B spotKarie had some of the fries, which weren't bad. I was sure to try out all the different sauces - three originals were Lola Ketchup, Shasha Sauce and Coffee BBQ. None of them were favorites for me. But that's OK. I was happy enough with my burger on its own.

B spot

Grade: A
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