Lexington, KY Edition: Alfalfa

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

AlfalfaIn the middle of visiting distilleries, my friend Vicki and I needed to grab a quick lunch. Our initial choice was closed because it was Memorial Day, but Alfalfa was on our to-do list, and it was nearby. So, we quickly changed direction and made it our destination.

AlfalfaAlfalfa has a cool vibe with lots of mutli-colored chalkboards, exposed brick walls and little hipster touches. They were serving their brunch menu for the holiday. Usually, when I go to a new place, I have studied the menu and chosen the best option. Here, I hadn't had that luxury. So it would've been nice to know what they were known for or what other people suggest.

AlfalfaBut the quiche stood out to me. I didn't want anything super heavy, and the fresh veggies sounded delicious - a zucchini, squash, asparagus and swiss cheese! I got it with a side of grits.

AlfalfaAnd, it was all just fine. There weren't a ton of veggies in the quiche - save for a few on the top. I didn't taste much swiss. But it wasn't bad! Just average. And the grits had virtually no flavor, save for the bits of shredded cheese on top. Overall, I just wasn't super impressed. Nothing super flavorful, nothing too exciting.

Grade: C
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