Big Timber Brewing Company

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Big Timber Brewing

Big Timber Brewing, one of about a dozen breweries in the state now, opened its taproom in Elkins about a year ago. Since then, the brewery has made its way around the state - including on tap in Morgantown. I've had a few different beers in town, but it was even better to try them at the source.

Big Timber BrewingThe interior is pretty cool with lots of wooden features - tabletops, bar stools, shelving - in honor of the lumber industry that kept Elkins alive for so many years. They also have these great little coasters that list all of their social media. Very nice.

Big Timber Brewing

I ordered a sampler, which included their blonde, pale ale, porter, IPA, poplar session IPA and sluice dry stout. OH, and their root beer.

Big Timber BrewingThe blonde was easy, drinkable and would be nice for a hot day. Not too heavy and pretty clean.

The pale ale is a good bit hoppier (surprise), but I like the actual flavor. It's not too hoppy, but you know it's there.

The porter was pretty heavy, but considering I'm not a huge coffee drinker, I'm not really the target audience for this one.

The IPA, of course, took the hops up a notch. Not my favorite, but I can see why hopheads would dig it.

The poplar session IPA is up yet another notch.

The dry stout was actually not as bitter as I thought it may be.

The root beer! I don't even love root beer, if I'm being truthful (please don't shun me). But it's kind of a like a sneaky treat at the end of a beer sampler. Like, obvi it's not beer. But it's exciting to have something so sweet at the end.

Give Big Timber Brewing a visit - lots of great beer and a super fun vibe.

Grade: A
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