Mister Bee Potato Chip

By Candace Nelson - 11:00 AM

Mister Bees

Mister Bee Potato Chips are the only potato chips made in West Virginia, so naturally, I love them. While in Parkersburg, I wanted to go see the factory because I'm crazy. They don't have much of a retail space, but you can purchase potato chips there.

mister BeeI walked into someone's office, essentially, and asked if I can buy chips here. She replied yes. I asked where. She pointed behind me, where there was a rack of "sample" bags. So I looked over to the sample bags to figure out which one I wanted to take home with me. They have 16 oz., 9 oz., 2 oz., and 1.25 oz. bags in original, barbeque, sour cream and onion, dip style and honey bbq. I picked a bag of the sour cream and onion chips and went with it. Yum!

Mostly, I'm happy they're still around. They were created in 1951, and are available all around West Virginia. In 2011, they filed for bankruptcy protection and stopped production. The next year, they were back running and back in stores and seem to be focused on expanding a bit and capitalizing on the made in West Virginia aspect - even having a logo of the state on the bag now.

I don't even buy chips ever, really, because I go for sweet over salty. But I'll make an exception for Mister Bee. Have you tried? And what's your favorite flavor?

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