Shepherdstown Edition: Bavarian Inn

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Bavarian Inn

While on a trip to Shepherdstown, I stayed overnight at the Bavarian Inn. In addition to the European chalets being absolutely beautiful, comfortable and luxurious, the inn also offers some delicious German and American fare. Before heading out for a day full of adventure, I went to the dining room for breakfast.

Bavarian Inn

The menu ranges from traditional eggs, bacon and potato breakfasts to a charcuterie plate of chilled meats and cheeses. There are West Virginia buckwheat flapjacks, corned beef hash and chipped beef in cream. But first, biscuits, butter and jelly - which were perfectly fluffy and crumbly. Yaaasss. This reminds me of my grandma's, when she would bake some biscuits and pull out a bunch of different jellies, and that was our snack. Delicious.

Bavarian Inn

Bavarian Inn

I ordered Nova Scotia Salmon served with a bagel, onion, cream cheese and capers. This quickly moved up beside French toast as my favorite breakfast of all time - right behind my dad's homemade French toast (nothing beats that, c'mon, it tastes like memories of childhood slumber parties and tons of maple syrup).

Bavarian InnThe smoked salmon was folded into a rosette, and it was a lovely presentation. For those who don't order bagel and lox often, this probably seems weird. But I swear it's so good (and this one was particularly very good). Slather a toasted bagel with the cream cheese, layer the smoked salmon, sprinkle some red onions and add just a few capers. I wouldn't have minded some tomato, but it didn't need it.

Bavarian InnIt's perfect. It's absolutely perfect. It's a nice savory and filling breakfast with protein. You have the crisp from the bagel, the creamy cheese, the silky smooth salmon, crunchy onions. The added fruit (plus an unpictured fruit cup (I didn't know it already cam with fruit)) added a touch of sweetness. All around, it is very well-rounded and tasty. Plus I loved staying at this location.

I've also heard their Sunday brunch is to die for. $33, but I would venture to guess it's worth it. That will have to wait for next time.

Grade: A
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