New York City, NY Edition: William Greenberg Dessert

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

William Greenberg

Another New York specialty is the egg cream. It is a beverage consisting of milk, carbonated water and chocolate syrup. No eggs or cream.

William Greenberg

William Greenberg Desserts features not only the famous egg cream, but also tons of other goodies.

William GreenbergWilliam Greenberg

I was going to order a black and white cookie, as well as an egg cream. But then I was told the egg cream I ordered comes WITH a black and white cookie. Or, in this case, a pink and white cookie.

William Greenberg
I took my egg cream and headed to Central Park.

William GreenbergI had ordered a vanilla egg cream (vanilla just sounded right?), and it is kind of like a vanilla flavored milk that's carbonated. In a really good way! It's quite tasty, but a bit different.

William GreenbergThe cookie was by far the best black-and-white cookie I've had (of the two). The icing was perfect, and the cookie was not dry at all. It was quite good.

William GreenbergWilliam GreenbergGrade: A
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