Charleston Edition: Blossom Dairy

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Blossom Dairy

The Blossom Dairy has a storied past. The Charleston Restaurant recently opened at the end of 2015 after being closed for some time.

Blossom Dairy

This restaurant, which opened in 1994, is the last remaining of a few locations in the area. It remained open until 2010. It then reopened a few months later and closed down again in 2012.

Blossom Dairy

Blossom Dairy

I was finally able to check it out recently, and it's such a cool little place. I love the long mirrored bar with red seating all down the restaurant.

Blossom DairyThe menu features sandwiches, soups, salads and entrees. A big draw is their 10 different slaws (of which I need to try next time), as well as liquor milkshakes. I started off with an Oatmeal Cookie liquor milkshake, which was sooo good.

Blossom DairyFor starters, we had the loaded mini corndogs - topped with chili, cheese, onions, jalapenos and tomatoes. I don't really know why I thought the execution of these may go well, because the corndogs get almost immediately soggy ... and to top it off, it had a hair in it. That totally throws me. So, I was done with that.

Blossom DairyNext up was a cup of Blossom Bisque, with roasted red peppers, bacon and gouda with a touch of cream topped with parmesan and croutons. This is a really good bisque. Like, I wish I would've gotten a bowl because it was just so rich and creamy.

My main dish was the triple threat salad, which features Blossom's classic tuna, egg and chicken salad. This is not something I would typically order, but it is a revival of the restaurant's classic recipes. The egg salad was decent, but the tuna was a bit funky. The chicken was OK, but fell a little short. I tried bites of each, but then mostly pushed it off to the side and ate the salad as is. Overall, it was fine - and the soup and liquor milkshake quite good -- but not enough great to outweight the not so great.

Blossom DairyGrade: C
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