Charleston Edition: Celsius

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

CelsiusI mentioned Restaurant Week in Charleston, which was the greatest, in a previous blog post. Not only did I get to eat at a few restaurants at a good price, I also got to try a new one: Celsius.

Celsius was actually the first foray into Restaurant Week. For $30, I got an appetizer, entree and dessert. I went for the fried goat cheese served over roasted re pepper puree with a cinnamon honey drizzle first to start. These were tasty, but you really have to be good with a giant serving of goat cheese. I would've almost liked these to be smaller (and maybe more of them?) so that the proportion of the fried breading would equal the amount of goat cheese. Plus it would mix up the texture. But honey and the roasted red pepper were a lovely tangy/sweet addition.

CelsiusThe main entree I chose was the chicken curry served with a mango chutney and parmesan risotto. It definitely wasn't anything like a curry I was expecting - but it was tasty. The chicken had some nice flavor, and the risotto stood up well on its own. I do wish there was a bit more of the curry sauce to help bring it all together. But, considering the strange assembly of ingredients, I think it mostly worked.

Finally, a creme brulee cheesecake rounded out the meal. It's a good cheesecake - but no brittle sugar crust on top. But similar flavors, for sure.

Overall, I liked my meal, and I appreciate the creativity of the meal. I think it came up short in a few areas, and I think a lot of restaurants are doing equally as cool stuff in Charleston. Anyone else been here? Thoughts?

Grade: B
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