Fairmont Edition: DiCarlo's Pizza

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Dicarlos - fairmont
Someone upstairs is doing me a solid by finally opening a DiCarlo's in North Central West Virginia. I've heard that yeas ago, Morgantown had one and it didn't do well. But now, Fairmont is the newest city to boast this perfect pizza place.

Dicarlos - fairmontAnd, if you've spent any time on this blog - at all - you know that DiCarlo's has my heart. You can call it nostalgia; I'll call it damn good pizza. I then decided I wanted to visit all the West Virginia locations. And, I have. Fairmont, of course, would be no exception.

Dicarlos - fairmontI reached out to ask DiCarlo's, though, about the subtle differences between locations. It turns out each location is independent, franchised or family run.

Dicarlos - fairmontI walked into the restaurant just days after opening to a still-training staff and a bit of confusion. Pepperoni rolls were on the counter, and they also offer calzones, wings, fries, and breadsticks.

Dicarlos - fairmontI placed an order for two pieces with mushrooms. A bit later, I was handed a box lid folded over, encasing two pieces of culinary gold. The first thing I noticed was the finely shredded mozzarella cheese. And the mushrooms were underneath. Because I went so early in the day, I'm not sure the oven was hot enough or maybe it's just a result of a new place, but the crust could've been a bit more crisp. But, it's a good piece of pizza. Quality ingredients and the perfect blend of flavors; what more could you want?

Grade: A
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