J.Q. Dickinson Salt-Works

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

JQ DickinsonI recently visited J.Q. Dickinson Salt-Works in Malden for a larger story I'm working on. Salt, you ask? Yes. West Virginia has a history with salt due to the ancient ocean trapped beneath the Appalachian Mountains in the Kanawha Valley. J.Q. Dickinson is actually ran by a seventh-generation salt-making family.

JQ DickinsonI had the opportunity to talk with Nancy and learn a bit about her story. She didn't intend to get into salt, but when her family history trade was revived, she realized her calling. She resurrected the industry and has really helped catapult J.Q. Dickinson into a household name in West Virginia. The beautiful finishing salt has evolved into popcorn salt, smoked salt, ramp salt, grinding salt, and more.

JQ DickinsonThey've done partnerships with other folks - like Holl's Chocolates. Most recently, I was able to taste a salted caramel! Delicious.

JQ DickinsonIf you think all salt is the same, you need to check this out. They even host dinners that I'm hoping to try for the first time this summer.

JQ Dickinson

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