Dallas, TX Edition: Lockhart Smoke House

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Lockhart SteakhouseSteak is to Oklahoma, as BBQ is to Texas. Brisket, specifically. So, before I flew out of Dallas to head home, I went in search of the best BBQ in the city.

Lockhart SteakhouseThe result that seemed easiest for me to get to in the amount of time I had was Lockhart Smoke House. Once I finally found parking, I walked through to the back of the restaurant to the counter to order.

Lockhart Steakhouse
The menu isn't large. You can get brisket, pork ribs, half a chicken, and sausage, with a few sides: potato salad, mac & cheese, baked beans, deviled eggs and more.

Lockhart SteakhouseThe guys at the counter cut off a hunk of brisket, wrap it up in butcher paper and ring me up. I picked up a side of potato salad out of the cooler and went to pay. Fun fact: My card got declined. Oklahoma wasn't a trigger, but Texas was. So, whoops.

Lockhart SteakhouseI got my package of butcher paper and headed out in the dining room. Fortunately, there, you can get some BBQ sauce and forks.

Lockhart SteakhouseSo, the brisket was pretty good. I did dip it in sauce, which I know is like the worst possible thing I could do. But, it was GOOD this way. I avoided some of the burnt edges that were just charred smoke or the fatty pieces. But beyond that, I could fashion a nice little sandwich from the bread, the meat and the sauce.

Lockhart SteakhouseThe potato salad on the side was a good choice because it was cool and helped temper some heat of the sauce. It even had some brisket inside!

Lockhart SteakhouseGood meal overall. Heavy on the carnivore. Excuse me while I go eat salads for the next month.

Grade: A
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