Oklahoma City, OK Edition: Cattlemen's Steakhouse

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Cattlemans SteakhouseI'm not sure if I'll ever have the chance to visit Oklahoma again, so after my presentation, I drove 2.5 hours north to Oklahoma City to reward myself with a nice ribeye.

Cattlemans SteakhouseThe city the conference was in - Sulphur, OK - is halfway between Dallas and Oklahoma City. So, I wanted to hit up both cities while in the area. And, how could I return home without having had a nice cut of beef?

Cattlemans SteakhouseCattlemen's Steakhouse is well-known for having the best steak in the city (according to my research). So, I filled up the tank and headed north. Fortunately, the steakhouse is in the middle of Oklahoma City's Stockyards City, so parking was simple.

Cattlemen's Steakhouse is located smack in the middle of Stockyard City, a "must see" when visiting Oklahoma City. The store owners and community leaders have all worked very hard in keeping Stockyard City from becoming "touristy." It's a place where the cattle and horse people can get what they need, have a good meal and enjoy each other's company. And, by golly, if a few greenhorns manage to wrangle their way into the boot shop, that's okay, too. They won't find any "My parents went to Stockyard City and all I got was this lousy T-shirt" shirts or Elvis salt and pepper shakers. But they may leave knowing what a real steak tastes like, and that real boots don't come from Bloomingdale's.
I got a table for one - a small booth - and looked over the menu for the ribeye. The ribeye, they say, is the perfect center cut from the eye of the rib.
T-Bone SteakThis hearty portion is sort of “two Steaks in one.” It combines the full flavor of the Strip Sirloin, the impeccable tenderness of the Filet and joined together by the famous “T.” This is the steak President Bush preferred when dining in Oklahoma City.
Cattlemen’s Strip SirloinThick, center cut strip sirloin
Top ClubCut extra thick for extra goodness from Aged Beef
Filet MignonA choice cut of beef tenderloin with all the sealed in savory juices, bacon wrapped and broiled to your taste
Rib Eye SteakPerfect center cut from the eye of the rib
Small FiletCut special for our patrons with very small appetites, wrapped in thick sliced bacon
Dinner SteakSmall top-sirloin steak
Chopped SirloinFreshly ground sirloin beef broiled over glowing embers
Pepper SteakA small sirloin topped with peppercorn sauce
Ham SteakServed with red-eye gravy, full slice, bone-in
Cattlemen’s Chicken Fried Steak

Cattlemans SteakhouseThe interior looks like an old-school diner with steakhouse decorations spread throughout. Well-worn and well-loved booths where a lot of beef has passed over these plates.

Cattlemans SteakhouseI first got a house salad with their dressing - which is a garlic ranch. It came with a plate of homemade croutons that I crushed up atop the salad. A simple salad, but a delicious dressing and crouton made it. Really quite good. 

Cattlemans SteakhouseOK, then came sides of mashed potatoes, a roll and macaroni and cheese. The mashed potatoes were delicious, and I love that I could get them with white gravy. Reminds me of the best school lunches in high school. That's a compliment.

Cattlemans SteakhouseThat roll was light, buttery and sweet. Yessss.  

Cattlemans SteakhouseAnd the macaroni & cheese was pretty good - lots of shredded melty cheese atop, as opposed to a cheese sauce. I was already getting full at this point, so I kept the carb-loading to a minimum.

Cattlemans SteakhouseThe steak was good. I know steak is really its own culture, and you shouldn't need any sauces. But I would've really enjoyed a little somethin' somethin'. Still, good flavor, beautiful grill marks and a pure, unadulterated beef. Checkmark on that bucket list.

Cattlemans Steakhouse

Grade: A
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