Parkersburg Edition: Shogun Asian Cuisine

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

Slowly but surely I will have eaten at every sushi restaurant in West Virginia.

And, I know what you're thinking: YES, there are sushi restaurants in West Virginia. And, YES, there are some pretty decent ones.

ShogunRL and I recently went to Shogun Asian Cuisine in Parkersburg. This isn't the first Asian restaurant I've been to that is named "Shogun."

Here's what Wikipedia says about that word:

A shogun was a hereditary military dictator in Japan during the period from 1185 to 1868 (with exceptions). In this period, the shoguns were the de facto rulers of the country; although nominally they were appointed by the Emperor as a ceremonial formality. The Shogun held almost absolute power over territories through military means, in contrast to the concept of a colonial governor in Western culture.
ShogunFirst up were salad and soup. Both of which were OK - not my thing. I don't love ginger dressing, but the soup was fine. Broth with a few mushrooms. NBD.

ShogunBut, then came some of the most delicious crab cheese rangoons I've ever had. Seriously so good. The inside was super creamy, the outside was perfectly crisp, and the small dollops of chili sauce were delish. I love these damn things.

ShogunWe ordered a spicy tuna roll, a philly roll and a Volcano Roll.

ShogunThe spicy tuna and Philly roll were both fine. Neither were super flavorful; I think the fish wasn't super duper fresh.

ShogunAnd the Volcano Roll had crab meat, cucumber, avocado topped with seared scallops and drizzled with spicy mayo. We may have just chosen wrong. And we saw the specials afterward that sounded REALLY good, but this one was just OK. The scallops wasn't really seared; instead, it was just this sort of gummy exterior.

ShogunGreat company, OK food. Decent atmosphere. Maybe a different choice next time will lead to better results.

Grade: C
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