Philadelphia, PA Edition: Morimoto

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

MorimotoDoes the name Morimoto sound familiar? As in, Masaharu Morimoto? The Japanese chef is best known as the original Iron Chef.

After training in Hiroshima, he traveled to New York City, where he worked at incredible restaurants, like Nobu. He then got his start on Iron Chef and then eventually opened a restaurant in his namesake, Morimoto, in Philadelphia.

MorimotoThe restaurant is pretty cool. It stands out on the block because of the white exterior, yellowish green see-through doors and just a small window that notes "Morimoto." The interior has these sort of wavy light features and seats that alternate colors. Interesting.

MorimotoThe menu has lots of tempting options. One day I'll be able to afford the Omakase - “chef’s choice” a multi-course tasting menu designed to allow you to experience the essence of Morimoto’s cuisine. But, for now, we ordered the "chef's combination - sushi, sushi rolls and sashimi" (the $90 option) and split it.

MorimotoBut, first, something hot: wagyu dumplings with a kanzuri-miso broth. So tasty. Tender, flavorful with a crisp fresh topping. Quite good.

MorimotoThe sampling of sushi was very good. We had two rolls, some nigiri and some sashimi - including hamachi yellowtail, tuna, mackerel, and ebi. The server rattled off the different kinds so quickly, I lost most of them. But, I'll say this: I loved almost all of them. The rolls were delicious, and I even liked all of the sashimi. The skin-on nigiri was new for me and the mushier pieces took an extra bite. But the thing is that it's all so fresh. It doesn't taste fishy or off. It is actually a very light, fresh flavor. There's nothing especially remarkable since it's not a new take on it; it's classic but a very quality piece. And, very tasty.

Grade: A
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