Morgantown Edition: EiO & The Hive

By Candace Nelson - 10:00 AM

EIO & The HiveThe Fresh Hospitality group is responsible for all the new restaurants on campus, including EiO & The Hive. This new restaurant is located in The Market at Health Sciences Center, so I went up recently to check it out.

EIO & The HiveThe Market is a pretty cool space - very modern with lots of little nooks to take up and get some work done. There's also outdoor seating. It has Little Donkey Tacos and Hugh Baby's BBQ that are also present in Evansdale Crossing.

EIO & The Hive

Authentically rooted in wellness, EiO & THE HIVE was created with a focus on health. Our dishes are inspired from cultures around the world, yet are totally composed of locally-sourced, farm fresh, seasonal ingredients.
At EiO we believe wholeheartedly that ethical, sustainable farming cultivates superior flavors. We know that buying from local organic farms provides you with more nutritious food. We understand that sourcing organic product allows us to serve food that is chemical free. That is why we strive to be stewards of the earth and our bodies, allowing the two to work in harmony.
EIO & The Hive
The menu features teas, wheatgrass shots, juices, smoothies and coffees on the drink end. On the food side of things, we have chia pudding, avocado toast, salads, bowls and some sandwiches. However, the meat options are pretty limited.

EIO & The HiveI ordered the only sandwich that had meat on it: Chicken Little. Harissa rubbed chicken salad, sourdough, cheese and side of root veggies. Tony got a "bowl," which ended up being a piece of chicken with two sides, and Dave got that lovely coffee.

EIO & The Hive
This sandwich was OK. In the description it said chicken salad, but this was more like small bits of warm, darker meat chicken. The cheese had Mexican seasoning, and there was also lettuce and tomato. It was pretty basic - not a ton of flavor. I think everything needed more seasoning or some sort of sauce. I even looked around for ketchup, but found none. The side of root veggies were the same.

I think they're committed to a healthier lifestyle, which I know is free from some of those fattier sauces that are rich and slathered on other restaurant sandwiches. But I think this dish could've easily been transformed with a little love. I'll be on the look out to see how they evolve as they go!

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